Andrew Leach, John Macarthur (eds.). Architecture, Disciplinarity, and the Arts.

There is a great deal of interest and activity in the interdisciplinary space between the visual arts and architecture. Many artists use building materials or architectural representations. Architects and critics speak, with few cautions, of architecture as “art”. Is it possible, then, that architecture is returning to a longer-term, older position as an art with sibling relations to other disciplines? What is it today to speak of architecture as an art, and what should we make of the long history of this question? The essays in this volume address these issues on conceptual and historical grounds, the writers drawing from papers and discussions presented at a colloquium of the Architecture Theory, Criticism and History (ATCH) Research Group of the University of Queensland, Australia, hosted by Brisbane’s Institute for Modern Art on August 17 and 18, 2007.

Table of Contents:
Architecture, Disciplinarity and the Arts: Considering the Issues – John Macarthur & Andrew Leach; On Art and/or Architecture Being an Obstacle- Bart Verschaffel; Architecture and the System of the Arts – John Macarthur; James Fergusson’s Theory of Architecture and the Phonetic Arts – Peter Kohane; Disciplinary Contrasts: Science, Art, and the Imagination in the Nineteenth-Century Writings of William Lethaby, John Ruskin, and Alexander von Humboldt – Deborah van der Plaat; Wilhelm Worringer, Gothic Vitalism and Modernity – Darren Jorgensen; Problems for Architecture in the Art of Le Corbusier- Antony Moulis; André Bloc in Iran – Daniel Barber; Throwing Light on Our Intentions – Andrew Leach; Serial Techniques in the Arts: General Ambitions and Particular Manifestations – Sandra Kaji-O’Grady; Buildings, Photographs, Sculptures: On Medium and Disciplinarity in the Work of the Bechers – Naomi Stead; Callum Morton’s Architecture of Disguised Difference – Rosemary Hawker; Icon and Ideology – Craig Johnson; Tectonics: Testing the Limits of Autonomy- Gevork Hartoonian; A-disciplinarity and Architecture? – Mark Dorrian


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